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Avalanche - Good or Bad?
Hi there

Actually I'm playing a Vanar Deck with 2 Avalanche and I think the card is underrated. Sure, you can play around it, but most of my opponents doesn't even realise that you could play this card in your deck.

This is my deck:

[Image: 51c704043cc141f49c05a6225fb89212.png]

This deck took me mostly alone to rank 7, perhaps I can even reach Diamond. I know, there could be much improvements and I'm thankful for every ccnstructive critique.
Well I have seen some really silly decks reach Diamond and S based off of player skill alone, which is frankly the only reason I haven't reached Diamond for my 4 months of playing (hopefully Ill be good enough to reach it by the end of this season, I raged hard when I hit a 5 game lose streak when I was 1 chevron away from diamond).

As far as Avalanche, I certainly think its a really good card to fill in 2 empty spots in Midrange Vanar. Even if you are only playing 2-3 Vespyr, your opponent will generally not want to stay in his side of the board because he doesn't know exactly whats in your deck and Snowchaser/Cloaker is enough to make him want to push for your side of the board. Nobody plays around it because they know the likelyhood that their opponent runs such a situational card (let alone has it in their hand) is very small. Me personally I would rather run Aspect of the Fox for removal or Sunsteel as a 4 drop.
I also feel Avalanche is underrated, but that's how this type of cards work in the meta - Avalanche was played, so people started counterplaying it by staying away. Now it's underplayed because of that, so people don't expect it and often mindlessly run away to the other side being scared of Infiltrate. If people start playing it again, the process will repeat.

What I definitely don't like in your deck are Crystal Wisps. They are: a) anti-tempo in the first few turns, especially if your opponent silences them b) useless in the late game. I'd replace one with 3rd Snowchaser and one with Aspect of the Fox, which is IMO a necessity for Vanar these days. Especially that you run 3 Blades, which are often 4/6 "Battlecry: kill opponent's minion" in conjuction with AotF.

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