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Call to the Community to Brainstorm some Lore text
A thread created by hylandpad on Discourse.

The text was ripped from it by ShadowSun

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '15
I know the world of Duelyst is pretty enigmatic and we're not quite sure what to make of the world yet, but some of my favorite memories of TCGs was reading the lore text in the small print at the bottom of MTG cards to get an overall feel for the characters and the world. As a little thought experiment and a fun community event, I thought it might be cool to start to fill in that void for the cards we love most, and create some lore text based on what we know about the game via gameplay and concept art. Hopefully, lore text will eventually make it into the game, but in the event that it doesn't, this might be a fun way for the devs and the community to put their heads together and clarify a look and feel for the world.

For example - one of my favorite cards is "Cosmic Flesh."

Cosmic Flesh - "Vetruvia knows allure of the heavens is irresistible to all."

Entropic Decay - "In the beginning we were as dust. In the end, to dust we return."

Wind Shrike - "They move like a sandstorm, darting out of view and assaulting from all sides."

Hamon Bladeseeker - "They sacrifice much, these Bladeseekers, for power unrelenting."

Kaido Assassin - "A blade is most effective when expertly planted between the shoulder blades."

Silverguard Squire - "Not many of them live, in all honesty. But their ranks somehow never dwindle."

Silverguard Knight - "Leave it to the Lions to turn shields into swords."

Arclyte Sentinel - "Terrifyingly fast, those Sentinels. But the speed isn't what kills you. The spear to the gut will do that."

Etc etc. I'm sure we're going to be exposed to more characters from whom these quotes can come from. If anyone else is interested I'd love to hear your thoughts and additions.

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerFeb '15
Inner Focus - "One need only look at themselves to find true strength" Old Songhai saying.

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '15
Some more for funsies:

Lysian Brawlers - "Before it was absorbed into the Lyonar Empire, the isle of Lys was known for its fine wine. It's now known for producing some of the finest pugilists in all the land."

Ironcliffe Guardian - "I'd never seen anything like it. A massive metal behemoth of orichalcum plummeted from the sky and shook the earth below."

Second Sun - "Their devotion to their Bloodborn General borders on fanatical. His radiance emboldens them."

Curse of Agony - "When pushed to the limits of pain, even the most devoted minion will turn on its master."

Nightsorrow Assassin - "The agents of Nightsorrow Sisterhood rarely return from a mission alive... but neither do their targets."

Shadow Watcher - "They feed on death. The negative energy of lost life strengthens their powers."

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '152
Flameblood Warlock - "Fire owes no allegiance. It burns us all the same."

Silhouette Tracer - "Kaleos' blades passed harmlessly through Argeon - he discovered too late that his target was but a shadow."

Phlanxar - "The strongest Magmar learn at an early age how to fight with large, heavy objects."

Earth Walker - "Magma bubbled up beneath its feet, filling it with power. The very earth seemed to betray us."

Unstable Leviathan - "The beast could barely contain its own massive power, as primal energies struck at all around it."

Fractal Replication - "Magma powered Magmar society. Now it is the fuel for its war engine."

Young Slithar - "The Slithar are one of the oldest Magmar clans. Their numbers and pedigree do Sordyth proud."

Repulsor Beast - "No one is really sure what those crazy alchemists did to those swamp dogs... but they definitely didn't look like that before."

Silvertongue Corsair - "Aye. I've slain me a Bloodborn general or two. What's it to you, scallywag?"

kiesto88Dev TeamFeb '15
Really loving these so far!!! Love flavor text smile How about these:

Drain Morale - "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."

Natural Selection - "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."

Mask of Celerity - "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere."

Ritual Banishing - "The ceremony of innocence is drowned."

The best part is...just like Mechaz0r, these combine together into a famous poem:

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.”

W. B. Yeats
And which the poem also hints at the core story about Duelyst!

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '151
Dude. Meta as all hell.

Speaking of Mechaz0r...

Helm - "And I'll form the head!" (Brownie points if you get this right away)

Cannon - "After the smoke cleared, we saw the very walls of the city had been pierced - stone, earth, and anything else in the way, parted in a perfectly circular hole."

Wings - "I had never seen such mobility out of a machine. It flew with frightening control and adaptability."

Chassis - "No matter what we did to it - nothing left a scratch."

Sword - "Its red blade flashed and danced across the battlefield with mathematical precision ; no movement wasted, no strike missed a mark."

Mechaz0r - "Entire cities have fallen to its component parts. How in the hells are we supposed to fight THAT?"

unsevenDev TeamFeb '15
Haha I love this so much. My favorite ones are Mecha Sword and Silverguard Knight, so clever!
Here are some:

Sunriser: "There's no stopping light when days are infinite."
Sand Howler: "Not even the strongest magic can pierce the wildest of sands."
Bloodmon Priestess: "Under the red moon, all souls have just one destiny: the lowest of the abysses."
Sarlac The Eternal: "A tortured General cursed by his own greed to live forever and remember his defeat on the Duelyst tournament."

(None of these are actual lore, even though I'm dev, I'm not the writer, just having fun here )

ChinjahLoremasterFeb '15
Primus Shieldmaster - "Easily disposable, yet, for his master, he would do anything."

Not completely sure about the grammar on that one to be honest, but I tried.

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerFeb '15
Wind Stopper - "Used to be such a happy little fellow, until he cast off his old identity of Meghan Shieldbearer"

A throwback to the old art. For the newer people you can see the original card in kickstarter update 32.

LokomotivetKickstarter BackerFeb '151
Eh I'll give it a shot.

Sworn Avenger - "Justice rarely finds it's way to the battlefield."
Silvertongue Corsair - "You'll find the answer in the bottom of the bottle."
Shadow Nova - "Nowhere is safe, even the ground turned against us."
Mist Walking - "Smoke & Mirrors."
Divine Bond - "Strike with your golden heart in the name of Lyonar and you shall vanquish the weak."
Shadow Dancer - "If looks could kill."
Vorpal Reaver - "Cut its head off and six will grow back."

SimplyMonkMECHAZ0R MASTERFeb '15
Tusk Boar - "Uh oh. You called him a 'pig'. You really shouldn't of done that. Now you're in for it." - Songhai Boar Handler Tymon


Tusk Boar - "Careful how you address him. He prefers to go by MISTER Pig." - Songhai Boar Handler Tymon

AnonymousfulLoremasterFeb '15
Time Maelstrom:
"Of our two masters, we've found Time the more difficult to cheat"

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '151 Anonymousful
I like that one a lot.

Since Vetruvia is my favorite, I'll take a crack at the Scion's Wishes

First Wish : "First, he prayed to the shifting sands, that they would blind his enemies, and part for his allies."

Second Wish : "Then, he prayed to the air, that they might grant his soldiers the strength and speed of the whirling tornado."

Third Wish : "Finally, he prayed to the Lifemother, that she might grant him some dominion over death itself."

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar Feb '15
I'll do one for Storm Kage!

"Once a humble samurai named Nicholas, after a bizarre, stormy night the villagers woke up to find Nicholas...and the storm Kaged within."


Archon Spellbinder:
"Long ago, a simple mage seeked to ascend and reach ultimate power, after seeing what it did to others, he now seeks to silence all magic."

Avatar_IgnisKickstarter BackerFeb '151
Dancing blades: favorite song? Sabre Dance, obviously

Twin strike: when one strike alone just wont do

Unstable Leviathan: forged on the crucible of evolution, this hypercarnivore now finds himself the apex predator. With no control in place this monstrosity has become quite...unstable.

Fractal replication: unfortunately these clones are Müllerian mimics, not Batesian mimics.

I'd love for the magmar to have science/evolution/trophic level type references.

UmbrellaDev TeamFeb '15
A lot of these are incredible, Silverguard Knight is almost too perfect. I definitely have to take a stab at some of these;

Enslave: "Those too valuable to bury in sand, the Vetruvian bury in doubt."

Aymara Healer: "Though the healers' aid is invaluable, the cure they sought was to end the war themselves."

Ethereal Obelysk: "What dervishes lack in longevity they make up for in persistence."

Portal Guardian: "The strength of all those who fight alongside of him, stockpiled into a single strike."

Second Sun: "As darkness befell the Lyonar, a new light rose from their ranks, instilled with the determination of their general."

Heartseeker: "Precision or charm -- one way or another, they always find their way into your heart."

Lantern Fox: "Those drawn to the flame are too mesmerized to notice the reflection looming behind them."

Abyss Crawler: "They carry a darkness inside of them that they are eager to share with the world."

Gloomchaser: "Oblivion loves company."

Spirit Harvester: "Its solitude fueled the rage that caused it to be alone -- so it ate."

Primordial Gazer: "Evolution, eager to regress at a momentary glimpse of its ancient ferocity."

Silithar Elder: "Magmar measure age in strength rather than time, and there's strength in numbers."

Swamp Entangler: "The root that catches your foot catches will be the one that drags you down into the swamp."

Venom Toth: "Venom toth cause others to realize that the deadliest poison is the hatred inside themselves."

Lightbender: "Shedding light on a situation often reveals how simple it truly was."

hylandpadLoremasterFeb '15
Chaos Elemental : "The subject is completely unsuited for scientific study - it's bedlam incarnate. How am I supposed to study... this?!" - Xenoas Xath, Alcuin Scientist

Golem Vanquisher : "What we first perceived to be statues, were actually temple guardians ; forged of steel and animated by arcane magics." - Krath the Relic Hunter

Vindicator : "Though its size, shape and appearance is... unorthodox as far as Magmar physiology goes, it's not wont for the tenacity and animal intellect of its kin." - Xenos Xath, Alcuin Scientist

Tremor : "The ground broke beneath us, sending half our men into a cavernous abyss. Looking down to assess the extent of the chasm, I saw naught but the faint orange glow of molten earth below." - Rogue Warden Kalen

Dark Transformation : "In all of us there is a monster just itching to be unleashed." - Lilithe Blightchaser

Void Pulse : "Your pain is my pleasure, darling." - Lilithe Blightchaser

Daemonic Lure : "Foul energies dashed from her hand, tossing the gold-plated knight halfway across the field as if he were a sack of feathers."

Twin Strike : "The mistake is thinking the dagger is only in one hand." - Master Moori, High Assassin

Ghost Lightning : "There was something not quite right about the lightning that dashed across the field that day - it was unnatural - unholy even - as if something ethereal commanded it."

Pyromancer : "Pyromancy is a ticking time bomb, novice. It's a powerful tool, but one day it will turn us all to ash." - Cyrus Emberspeaker, Class III Pyromancer

Wildfire Ankh : "His scepter glowed with untold power. With a flourish of his staff, the wall across the room simply disintegrated." - Krath the Relic Hunter

Orb Weaver : "Those Dervish things don't sit well with me. Something about those masks and the way they move all jittery-like. I don't like them one bit. Get me the hells out of Vetruvia." - Calden Lightmane, Envoy to Lyonar

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar Feb '15
Starfire Scarab: "The scarab shot out a pulse of fire as bright as the stars..." -Unknown merchants, deserts of Vetruvia.
Osirix: "As the hound-god fell, a swift wave of wildfire retribution shot from the General...." -Duelyst judge, name withheld.
Hexblade: "Every time Z'rix struck, his foe grew weaker, and the General, stronger." -Vetruvian duelyst representative audition observer.
Jax Truesight: "A mercenary army of crossbowmen don't work for no one....except those who got a bit of cash..." -Unidentified corsair, port of Lyonar.
Astral Skin: "The General prayed, and Scion gave his minion astral skin that invoked jealousy in all those who surrounded him..." -Ancient Vetruvian books, titled Shifting Sands
Artifact Hunter: "The cloaked figure hunts for artifacts....that's all we know...but why?" -Border Patrol, Lyonar
Wind Shrike: "In the deserts of Vetruvia, the winds are fast...but the Wind Shrikes are faster yet." Biology researcher team.
Blindscorch: "The General, with a flick of his staff, commanded the sun to blind his enemies...and the sun complied." Lyonar General, several years ago in a Duelyst competition.
Aurora's Tears: "And the sky lit ablaze Aurora's Tears; it's energies harvested by the General..." Astronomer, Songhai.
Astral Phasing: "A rift in the sand appeared, entire armies followed....." Mercenary survivor of Vetruvian ambush.

As was the case with the initial thread on Discourse, feel free to add your own creativity through descriptions and lore. Let's keep this literary marvel of the fandom rolling!

Other 2 parts are located below.
  "Knowledge is power, and I...know a bit." 
Wow, that's a lot of cool lore! I guess I'll add my own:

Lantern Fox - "The Phoenix can never be sealed away."
Prophet of the White Palm - "The benevolent hand was raised, vanishing the runic firestorm in an instant."
Chrysalis Burst - "Suddenly, the nests came alive. The young were upon us before we could raise our swords."
Swamp Whisperer - "They say its tentacles are woven of secrets."
Arrow Whistler - "Ready! Aim!"
A thread created by hylandpad on Discourse.
The text was ripped from it by ShadowSun

PaddoBloodbornFeb '15
Arclyte Regelia - "My swing was so fierce it shook the ground when it landed, when I looked up Argeon was smiling and his sword was coming for my head."

Arclyte Regelia - "Within the rain of arrows was a perfect sphere and within that sphere stood Argeon Highmayne still walking forward."

unsevenDev TeamFeb '15
Sworn Avenger: "You have my bow!"

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar Mar '15
Sworn Defender: Bound by honor to defend, every drop of blood split by the General empowers their might.

Sworn Avenger: This archer brought an end to a kingdom himself just to avenge his General..what makes you think you have a chance?

StrawberryKAGEMar '151
Nightsorrow Assassin: "Fear not death's embrace, for none of us will ever leave this world alone."
-Nightsorrow Assassin Mantra-

Void Pulse: "If you take a glimpse of the abyss, it takes something back"

Shadow Nova: "The ground splintered, giving way to putrid spikes and endless death. We fought on knowing the battle had already been lost." -Argeon Highmayne-

Sarlac, The Eternal: They say the spirit of Sarlac can be seen roaming the battlefield, searching for release from his immortal curse.

Darkfire Sacrifice: To purge in flames does not cleanse evil, it violently releases it to manifest elsewhere.

Spectral Blade: The blade makes it's wielder as fleeting as their opponent's victory.

Black Solus: As the wraithings swarmed the battlefield in a wave of claws and teeth, from the shadow they cast, grew an even darker evil.[/font][/size][/color]

Horn of the Forsaken: "It rings a ballad so impure, the evils within us all will stir." -Argeon Highmayne-

StrawberryKAGEMar '15
Frostbone Naga: The Naga know no allegiances. No one is above their pride or their spear.

Deathfire Crscendo: Each life taken is a mere note in the melody of victory.

Storm KAGE: The heavens cracked open and boar a single arbiter to lead us; Only ashes remain of the unfaithful.

DJForeclosureLoremasterMar '15
Also had one for Storm Kage.

Storm Kage - "Lightning only strikes twice if the Songhai will it to be so." OR "Some try to capture lightning in a bottle. The Songhai have captured it in a blade."

DJForeclosureLoremasterMar '15
Decimate - "In the Kingdom, the reward for loyalty is to see those without it cut down."

DJForeclosureLoremasterMar '15
The Seal Quartet
Saberspine Seal: "The first flaw is cowardice. It is sealed by fury." - Songhai Scrolls of Strife

Deathstrike Seal: "The second flaw is avarice. It is sealed by mortality." - Songhai Scrolls of Strife

Mist Dragon Seal: "The third flaw is indolence. It is sealed by opportunity." - Songhai Scrolls of Strife

Onyx Bear Seal: "The fourth flaw is overconfidence. It is sealed by humility." - Songhai Scrolls of Strife

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar Mar '15
Just wanted to type these up:

Aegis Barrier: The blessing of the sun deflected and nullified the spells which sought to harm, in the end, the unit was untouched.

Arclyte Regalia: A suit of armour, made from the shards of the sun and created in the forges of the Arclyte.

Decimate: In the army of Lyonar, stragglers are to be death.

Elyx Stormblade: Even when it rains, the blade of the storm still belongs to Lyonar.

Grandmaster Z'ir: Sucessor and son of Argeon Highmayne, Z'ir Highmayne will always heed the call of his father.

Mask of Celerity: A cobra always strikes twice; Kaleos Xaan is no different.

Tusk Boar: Legend has it, this creature was once known as Tusk Boar the Untamable; it's very appearance should be enough to intimidate the bravest of soldiers.

Heaven's Eclipse: A red and gold rift opened in the skies, and the opposition was drenched in the wrath of the skies.

Storm Kage: The best samurai of Songhai, he commands the very storm that run his enemies through.

Hexblade: The shifting sands of Vetruvia captured in one deadly dagger.

Aymara Healer: What heals can also be used to harm; the Aymara Healers mastered that technique.

Scion's Third Wish: Zirix pointed, and soonafter a rift in the ground opened beneath the Legendary Warriors Three, and they were consumed by Scion's fury.

Time Maelstrom: Zirix has learned that the shifting sands of Vetruvia are no different from time and space; he manipulated both with ease.

Oserix: The great hound-god of death and war, he is sworn to lead Vetruvia into victory and eternity.

Deathfire Crescendo: "Death is like a song, and I'm just the pianist." -Lilthe Blightchaser.

Soul Grimwar: "Drink deep the chalice of the souls of the dead, and empower your might and dominance."

Reaper of the Nine Moons: In the realm of the Abyss, there were once nine moons. Were, past tense.

Nether Summoning: Reincarnation, to the Abyssian Host is a simple art, just one that isn't very...precise.

Spectral Revenant: One strike from this ghoul is enough to decimate entire armies.

Twin Fang: These claws are one with nature; harm towards nature empowers the retribution of the Magmar.

Vindicator: Time is of the essence; that is the motto of the Magmar Vindicators.

Chrysalis Burst: Birth is the most beautiful sight one will ever see...unless it's on the fields of battle.

Bounded Lifeforce: Vaath the Immortal took out his gemstone and activated it with his blood; he was now bound to nature.

Slithar Elder: Slithars have blades on their back, when they reach adulthood the blade is used to create life...and destroy it.

hylandpadLoremasterMar '152
Primus Shieldmaster : "Get behind me, Lord General. They shan't pass." - Arick, First Shield of Primus

Primus Fist : "Who needs weapons? We're born with perfectly good fists."

Vale Hunter : "Rarely do the Vale Hunters emerge from their Groves - but when they do, it's with a vengeance."

Venom Toth: "Some assassins choose daggers. Others use crossbows or magic. I find it much more efficient to just poison the well." - Toth

Staff of Y'Kir: "It had been buried beneath the sands for countless millenia... but it still shone bright as the day it was forged." - Krath the Relic Hunter

Sunriser : "The first Sunrisers engineered a fencing style in which they fight always facing the sun." - Professor Oxfjord, Custodian of the Alcuin Archives

Sunstone Templar: "Some see the Sunstone Temple as an archaic order of zealots from a time long passed. I prefer to see a highly effective strike force." - General Argeon Highmayne

Haunt_YouKickstarter BackerMar '15
Best thread needs some love... here goes:

Holy Immolation – “The Divine flame purifies the faithful and purges the non believer.”[/font][/size][/color]

Tempest – “A blinding flash, a crackle and then nothing but ashes and the smell of roasted flesh…”

Elyx Stormblade – “The line is broken, we must retreat!” He called out falling back. She stepped forwards and scowled, shield raised, her temperament as fiery as her crimson hair. “Not Today.”

Shadow Mask – “ You can flee from every shadow but your own.” – Songhai Proverb

Ethereal Obelysk – “The first pillar is runed with words that give life to the lifeless…”
"The first pillar is marked with the ghost rune, and it calls to spirits beyond the veil…"

Fireblaze Obelysk – “The second pillar is runed with words of strength and victory…”
“The second pillar is marked with the rune of fire, its glow warms the spirits and gives them strength…"

Windstorm Obelysk – “The third pillar is runed with timeless words, that neither time nor sand will wear away…”
“The third pillar Is marked with the rune of air, carried by a spectral breeze the spirits press on…"

Darkspine Elemental – “what was once a small thing, now rose up from the tainted ground, towering over their group…” Torn page from an explorers journal.

Reaper of the nine moons – “She was afraid to look at it, a terrible thing not of this world. But the pact was made, and it could not leave until its dark work was done…”
“The Reapers bargain is sealed with a sacrifice, one for each of the blood red moons…”

Spectral Revenant – “In the Abyss there is none more feared, its claws rend not only flesh… but also souls.”

Vindicator – “The pheromones produced by strain 371 yield an unexpected yet favourable result, rapidly increasing the reaction speed and reflexes of nearby kin…” Thok – Bio Shaman Initiate.

Golem Vanquisher – “curiously the other golems seem to resonate when close to this one, when compared to the others it seems somehow more noble… more heroic.” - Leofan, Lyonar Scholar

Brightmoss Golem – “ A truly ancient specimen, unmoved for so long it has become a part of the vegetation.” - Leofan, Lyonar Scholar

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerMar '15
I have one for the people.

Hailstone Howler "And all the other golems, never let him play in any golem games~" Holiday Song

hylandpadLoremasterApr '151
Since the Vanar have arrived, I thought this might be a good time to reinvigorate this thread.

Hearth Sister - "So called because during times of peace they tend the Great Hearth and stoke the fires. But in times of war..."

Crystal Cloaker - "Masters of disguise, Crystal Cloakers rely on ambush and have a taste for anything with warm blood."

Wolfraven - "We were scared when we heard the howls of wolves from the shadowed woods. We were terrified when we saw what attacked us from above."

Ancient Grove - "They told us the trees had eyes. They hadn't told us they had ears, mouths, hands and bad tempers as well."

Snowpiercer - "The wound left was frozen before she even pulled the spear free... gangrene set in within minutes."

Coldbiter - "Best not get to close to Lady Faie, friend. The cold freezes friend and foe alike."

Flash Freeze - "One of the boys set foot upon the permafrost, and in a blink of an eye, we found all our boots iced over; stuck to the ground... then the ambush sprung."

Voice of the Wind - "The winter stag! Quickly take aim boys! He'll be worth a for..." -Last words of a Celandine poacher before being shot in the throat with a Maerid arrow

Polarity - "Though her strength waned, her resolve bolstered; she was ready to face the onslaught."

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerMay '15
Razorback : "Jax walked into the fight and next turn BAM your face gets melted." - My opponents the last 2 days.

Razorback : When in the lands of the Vanar beware the smallest creature even if the howl seems distant.

DawnbreakerMay '15
Azurite Lion - "Blue battle cats are not to be toyed with."

Pandora - "Who would have thought the box was full of puppies... evil puppies."

ZyxFriendlyMay '15
I get the distinct feeling that if I put my usual 'brainstorm', I'll be barred from posting on the forums in the future...

I will refrain for now. Maybe one.

Maw - Keep away, young one. Yes, yes, it's cute. It's all fun and games until you're missing an arm.

SpiritFryerKing of the BetaMay '151
I'm not that good at these, but I saw nothing for Juxta yet, so here goes. smiley

I'll post a few different versions.

Modern day version: "Useful at breaking phalanxes and vanguards.. Or if you're just too lazy to go grab some food from the kitchen."

Effect version: "Once I teach you this technique, not even the most powerful warrior will be able to stand in your way. - (I'm not feeling creative right now, so insert some Songhai Royal Martial Arts Master name here)."

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerMay '15
Artifact hunter: "There is destruction throughout history. Why not use those tools to shape your future?" - Anidain Archeology Professor

Earth Sphere: Vaath has lived long enough to learn how to harness the power of the earth itself.

S1ALMay '15
Void Pulse - "Brains! BRAINS! Heh, just kidding. That was your soul."

Arclyte Regalia - "This is WAY too much armor. How am I supposed to show off my unbelievable physique in this thing?"

Ghost Lightning - "Get it? Ghost Lightning... cause they're all DEAD."

Sunstone Templar -" 'Slow down,' they said. 'You're making us all look bad,' they said."

Auran_AlchemistKickstarter BackerMay '15
Silverguard Knight: "It was like bashing your head against a wall." Bandit after being arrested.

Haunt_YouKickstarter BackerMay '15
I'm back with a steaming dollop of Lore for your mindholes.

@hylandpad Thanks for the kind words before smile

A bunch of new cards since I posted last, so I've knocked up some stuff for the Vanar and some of the new neutrals.

Here we go:

Nether Summoning - "Not even death offers a respite for those forced to serve the Abyssians."

Purgatos, The Realmkeeper - "He exists between the living and the dead, with a blade to strike at either... "

Rook - " He came and he slammed, They ran and he dunked, he laughed, it was done..." Excerpt from The Ballard Of Rook

Dragonbone Golem - " A Golem is only as strong as the material it's made from, so it stands to reason, that golems built from the bones of ancient dragons are the strongest of all..." - Leofan, Lyonar Scholar

Aspect Of The Mountains - " The ground shook, and the very mountain rose up, standing before them in the shape of a giant man..." The Saga of Voldar The Brave

Fenrir Warmaster - "It's not merely enough for them to tame the wolves, they strive to become them, in body mind and soul."

Arctic Displacer - "Of all the beasts that stalk the frigid tundra, the displacer is most feared, striking silently with but a moments notice, few survive such an encounter..." Throgar, Arctic Explorer

Crystal Cloaker - "The cloaker waits just below the surface layer of ice, for a tasty morsel to walk by... unfortunately, to the cloaker everything is tasty." Throgar, Arctic Explorer.

Bonechill Barrier - "The Vanaar Frost Druids have long cultivated the ability to control the ice around them, raising walls and even buildings from the environment where they dwell."

Aspect Of the Drake - "Channeling a spirit powerful enough to form an aspect is a secret known by few, and attempted by even fewer..."

  "Knowledge is power, and I...know a bit." 
hylandpadLoremasterMay '151
Divine Bond : "The heavens parted, and the squire Germaine felt the Goddess reach into his heart. He was no longer a lowly pawn on the frontlines; he was a righteous angel come to purge the world of the unenlightened." - The Hagiography of Saint Germaine

Maw : "I don't think it likes eating. I think it likes biting." - Quiron, Apprentice to Xenoas Xath, Alcuin Scientist

Spelljammer : "They brought in Spelljammers? Bloody hells. Who are we fighting? Merlin himself?"

Young Flamewing : "Popularly,but falsely, thought to be part of a Magmar brood, Flamewings actually create hot air drafts on which they can fly upon. They won't fare so well in a magma bath though." - Xenoas Xath, Alcuin Scientist

Dancing Blades : "Alright lads. I have just one question before we leave for the front. Why the bloody hells are those swords floating?" - A confused Captain Davenport's last words

Sand Burrower : "It dragged two of my men under the sand. Before the arbalests could riddle the damn thing with quarrels, it was lost in the dunes."

Mirkblood Devourer : "The beasts of Mirkblood have traded physical strength for mental domination. Though the so-called "devourers" lack martial skill, they instill a subconscious fury in the creatures around them." - Xenoas Xath, Alcuin Scientist

Makantor Warbeast : "They've called in the Makantor Brood... we're going to need stronger walls." - Lyonar Scout Report

Mirage Master : "Captain Holmes hasn't been the same since that last battle; not said a word. Been finding him in odd places. Looks at me like he doesn't know me. It's like it's not even him anymore." - Mess Tent Banter

Cosmic Flesh : "The elements of the heavens bathe us; our armor is the hardened stuff of stars, forged in the eternal furnace of time and space." - Astroseer Nthalex

Heartseeker : "The initial pain of the dart was manageable; mild even. But as I felt the blood in my veins thicken and clot and my core stall on my own coagulated ichor, I took a moment to consider how perfectly it had pierced my heart."

Azurite Lion : "Lions? Why can't the damn Lyonar train war dogs like everyone else?" - Mercenary Sergeant Kirk

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar May '15
Cpt. Hank Hart:

"There's no place like home? Nah, here I can shoot everything I want!"

An astronaut from an unknown planet, his ship was dragged onto a strange planet, where he learned to survive by the only way how...shoot enemies and get paid.

hylandpadLoremasterMay '152
Decimate: "Friend and foe alike has felt the wrath of the perfectly disciplined ranks of the Lyonar Legions."

Circle of Life: "As the sun sets and eventually always rises, so too must we all pass away to be reborn."

Skywind Glaives: "The circular blades glistened in General Highmayne's grip. He exhibited unnatural speed and agility as he and his bodyguards dashed through the enemy ranks, ribbons of blood streaming behind them."

Tempest: "The black stormclouds rolled overhead with terrifying speed and fury. All that was left in its wake was scorched earth."

Spiral Technique : "Human DNA is a spiral helix. Perfect disintegration is achieved simply by unwinding"

Oserix : "While eagles will escort us to the heavens, jackals will guide our enemies to the next life."

Abyssal Juggernaut : "The Abyssians don't... procreate like us. They are born from the living flesh of the underworld, which germinates on the corpses of the vanquished."

Adamantite Claws : "Adamantite is a naturally occurring element found in the bodies of the Pureblood Magmar. It can be forcibly extruded from beneath the skin, and used to terrible and gruesome effect."

Plasma Storm : "Plasma is simply magma's power made manifest - witness what happens when the purest elements of the sky and earth become one."

Kolossus : "Luckily, you'll feel the ground shake before you hear it. And you'll hear it before you see it. And if you haven't gotten far away by the time it's in view, it's likely to be the last thing you ever see."

SerendipityMay '151
Windblade Adept: "To the uninitiated, a seemingly standard footsoldier; to all the rest, a veritable cyclone of scarlet and steel."

Lasting Judgement: "Saint or sinner, sage or fool, all must face judgement!"

Sunriser: "How the grace of her ascending blade echoes the break of dawn is a sight few have the honor to witness, and none have the opportunity to betray."

Sun Bloom: "All heretical might and magic pales in comparison to true enlightenment."

Mana Vortex: "The pinnacle of centuries of magical tradition, potent is the ability to gather the surrounding mana in one's immediate environment, reinvigorating mind and body."

Star's Fury: "Transient is the ire of mortals; everlasting is that of the heavens."

Edited to take Hylandpad's wise suggestion into account.

axiaelementsMay '15
Uh, I want to try my luck at this...

Second Sun: "General Argeon is the lion... And I am the claws."

hylandpadLoremasterMay '151
Kaleos Xaan : "The duel is not a conflict between two individuals, but of two competing thoughts from within; am I at peace with defeat? Or is victory the only path to enlightenment?"

Zirix Starstrider: "Our conflict here, no matter how long and protracted it may seem to be, is but a cosmic wink - our legacy, our victories will leave scars on the sun."

SkyChiefChroniclerMay '151
Hamon Bladeseeker: "Royal service requires royal blood"
Phoenix fire: "You will taste ash, you will taste fire"
Kaido Assassin: "Out of the shadows comes the unseen blade, with it songs of despair...and death"

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar May '151
Moebius: "I...was once a devil, bound by this strange marking, contorted into my basic form: the symbol of infinity. You know why that is? For evil is infinite...and unbound."

Four Winds Magi: "Magic is like the wind, you must learn to sense its force, it's direction, its power....and direct the four winds against your enemies while keeping the breeze behind your allies."

Aethermaster: "This realm is like a card game; all you need is the right deck."

(Maybe Aethermaster used to be a DUELYST player, much like us. Then one day, he woke up to find himself within it, then he used his cards and turned them into weapons.)

Aspect of the Fox: "Suddenly, the glacier morphed into a wild fox, biting at our men and killing them two at a time..."

Aspect of the Drake: "...and the fox then turned into a mighty drake, and its allies took flight, pursuing us to the mountains..."

Aspect of the Mountains: "...finally, the mountains came alive, an avalanche crushing the men...from which a jagged monster emerged and ending the White Nightmare."

TheyCallMeChocolateTournament ChampionMay '15
What a strange thing you can do with words
They have the power to build, the power to burn
They can free the mind or corrupt the heart
One simple word can tear the world apart

Kaleos Xaan

SkyChiefChroniclerMay '15
Lilithe Blightchaser: "One fold is our sacrifice. Ten fold is their loss."
Vaath the Immortal: "Let the earth hear us. The old is passed away. Let new life begin!"
Kaleos Xaan: Who is like unto the Songhai? Masters of stealth. Masters of Death."
Archeon Highmayne: "Sound the rally cry! Raise the banners. We march for war. And we fight as one!"

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar May '15
Faie Bloodwing: We will overwhelm the enemy with the avanlanche that are our forces!

Kaleos Xaan: There is peace and tranquility...from the death of our enemies. To them, our flames carry them from nigh unto death.

Zirix Starstrider: We will walk amongst the stars and control the cosmos to smite the fools who doubt the sands of the Galaxy!

ShirubeLoremasterMay '15
"Fighting against the Vetruvian empire was like fighting against a sandstorm. (Windswept Obelysk)
The Dervishes and their blast mages made the war horribly impersonal, not an honorable conflict between soldiers as we had been trained to fight in. (Pyromancer)
In the end, though, they were like a sandstorm; the agency in the war was ours, and so we prevailed. Such is the nature of nature and progress."
~Retired Lyonar veteran

AlunduynLoremasterMay '15
Bloodmoon Priestess | "Nothing is wasted. Not even death"

RageBulletMay '15
Wraithling fury: Wraithling are often used as targets of experimental magic. Sometimes things go wrong.
Snow Chaser: Ohh, what a cut~ SOMEBODY GET HIM OFF ME!!!!
Snowpiercer: Why do Vanar even use it? Like nothing else can cut their snow?
Iceblade Dryad: If it gets too hot, it's still perfectly capable of trampling you.
Bounded Lifeforce: Because unbounded was killing everything in kilometre range.
Aurora's tears: And after casting it, your opponent's as well.
Entropic decay: First, you break the law. Then, you break the bones. Then you break all the order in world and here is the result.
Enslave: "Now, bring me my slippers, doggy!" Zirix Starstrider.
Bone swarm: Never go to a banquet with berserkers.
Jade monk: That's what evolution did to Sandstone monk.
Keshrai Fanblade: She is cool, both on the battlefield and in the hot weather.
Lantern fox: Also can save you money on candles.
Hamon bladeseeker: "You already have two blades, why would you want more?" -Some dead guy
Sundrop elixir: One of primary ingredients in a "Sunrise" cocktail.
Lightchaser: Some swear he was a cat in past life.
Decimate: "Don't attack now, it's storming!" -Argeon Highmayne
Aerial rift: Some don't survive this, some just break a few bones and are okay. Others are loyal warriors of general Argeon.
Sunriser: She puts the sun in its place. Then goes working as a bartender. Her "Sunrise" cocktail is the best you'll ever drink, I swear you.

CalraelContest WinnerJun '15
Couldn't resist thinking up some flavor text for my two favorite cards in the game blush

Voice of the Wind: The voice sang in unearthly tones, a pure and melodious language that no one knew, yet everyone understood. "Winter has come" it said.
Frosthorn Rhyno: Once hunted almost to extinction for their horns, it took but a little Vanar help for the mighty woolly rhynos of the tundra to be able to defend themselves once more.

ThersandrosAug '15
Hey, a little necro here smiley I know everybody likes it. So, I'll take my shot at those, feel absolutely free to take my ideas and improve them by any means you feel apropriate, I am not a native speaker so there is definitely room for improvment.

Dilotas : Peculiar being, this Dilotas. Some says she is Death itself... Fools. Truth is, even Death fears the bite of her wicked scythe

Aymara Healer : The quantity of the same medicine can influence wether it will be a cure or a poison. Following this fact, Aymara Healers has become quite skilled with pondering precisely, always in regard of their interests

Time Maelstrom : Pasts, presents and futures... As the timelines merge, thy fall shall be decided

SnowChaser : More than the snow, this is your footprints (and your blood later on) those little fellows are after

Windblade adept : Did you really think their blades are made of thin air? This way of fighting has been named after the sensation following a slash : a cold, painful wind, dazzling your senses and numbling your mind

Syrel the Exile : If you cross his path, you'll understand the most important question isn't why he has been exiled, so much than how long will you live after asking so.

AlunduynLoremasterSep '15
Are you guys still looking for text? I came up with some more if yo want 'em

Bone Swarm | Death was too easy for the enemies of the Empire. Their very bones were used in their undoing.

Dunecaster | A sword can kill a man. But no sword can kill the sands.

Sarlac, the Eternal | Death is the ultimate cure, and Sarlac lost his right to have it.

Jax Truesight | Some may be strong, others may be smart. Jax is many.

Siphon Energy | Know your enemy, and drain his resources.

Scion's First Wish | His first wish was for himself.

Scion's Second Wish | His second wish was for his Empire.

Scion's Third Wish | His last wish was for his victory.

ShadowsSunMECHAZ0R MASTERSep '15
Sarlac the eternal: There's ALWAYS next-time.

Siphon Energy: Your magic is but a mote in God's eye. Blink, and it is gone.

Soul Grimwar: "Shouldn't that be grimoire?"-Scribe Serin the Violently Eviscerated

Darkfire Sacrifice: Power demands sacrifice...

Aerial Rift: Everything is air-droppable at least once.

NeoharrymenMECHAZ0R MASTEROct '15
Dioltas: Even in death she is annoying and long-winded
- really plays into her mechanics of having a provoking tombstone smiley

Silithar Elder: In order to prove his worth to the Silithar, Vaath spent 7 days and 7 nights duelling with their elder, and that's before the other eight joined in.

Lysian Brawler: What do you mean "Bears for Hands?!"

Sand Howler: Mages keep telling themselves that they are the master of their mind. Yet willpower is nothing next to the will of the desert

Rasha's Curse: Rasha developed this after a rather traumatic experience involving Y'kir and a spoon...

RyanHProfessional S-Rank Vanar Oct '15
Razorback: The wolf-warriors of the north were always known to be pack animals; the presence of a "Razorback", or pack leader only strengthens their might.

ErnislavPersistently LovableOct '15
Sundrop elixir It's still a mystery how they put the essence of sun into it.
Silverguard squire Who said that shields are only for defence?
Azurehorn shaman For many centuries azurehorn gives life and might to these who obeys.
Healing mystic Life is the strongest kind magic and those who master it, masters the whole being
Lightchaser Some says that light is blinding, but without it we'll see nothing.
Martyrdom To complete the cycle of life, some must gone, giving place to others.
Windblade adept Strength doesn't lay in a single person, it lays in army.
Arclyte sentinel Strength needs sacrifices.
Divine bond Only those who understands the power of life can achieve full strength
Silverguard knight You won't be as power as you're now without the others
Tempest Destruction is also a kind of art.
Decimate Those who choose to fight alone are doomed
Holy immolation Purging flames, as graceful as painful
Ironcliffe guardian Always in a place to protect the others

hylandpadLoremasterOct '15
These next few come from the made-up persona Private Telkis, working as a rank-and-file grunt in Locke's Mercenary Company.

Lady Locke : "We call her "Commander Locke". The last soldier who called her "Lady" is still cleaning the latrines - and that was a year ago." - Private Telkis

Portal Guardian : "Those are statues... right?" - Private Telkis

Snow Chaser : "Sure they're cute - until you've seen what they can do to a grown man with a snowball." - Private Telkis

Windblade Adept : "Now I've seen a lot of swordsmen, but the talents of the Windblade Temple never cease to take my breath away." - Private Telkis

Phalaxar : " Seen one crush a man 'neath that hammer with one hand. Best way to handle em'? Rush and hope for the best." - Private Telkis

ShirubeLoremasterOct '15
Metamorphosis: "Going to war against the Magmar isn't something I would recommend to anyone who doesn't like having interesting new experiences." - Guluas, Second Sun
Tusk Boar: "Tusk Boar have long been domesticated for military purposes, if you can call it that. Apparently you just let them out of the cage, and hope you can get them back in later." Scholar Haruka
Serpenti: "Those things are great to have with you on the battlefield, but no one wants to be the one standing near them." Anonymous Vanar Soldier The First
Avalanche: "Don't tell the general, but of all the factions of the world I think we're probably the most suicidal." Anonymous Vanar Soldier The Third
Sand Howler: "I wouldn't have been sure that thing was real if it hadn't eviscerated Teros." Vertan, Windblade Adept

LunchboxninjaHigh CaliberoDec '15
Oh man, these are so cool! I'm gonna try a few:

Abyssal Crawler: Take care around Abyssian corpses. They may not be as dead as you think. -Leonys, Lyonar High Commander

Darkfire Sacrifice:" Two bonuses: You get rid of the stench, and it's more effective than a wood furnace!" -Mortithus, Abyssian Reaper Trainer

Grasp of Agony: The smallest soldier can become the largest threat.

Shadowdancer: Every wraithling you
kill is just fuel for the fire.


Of course I send them on suicide runs. Wraithlings are worth more to me dead, with her around. -Lilithe Blightcaster

Soulshatter Pact- The souls of her soldiers are a small price to pay to achieve victory.

Daemonic Lure- The whispering promise of ultimate power is something no one can resist.

Shadow Nova- It came out of nowhere. Suddenly we were trapped in a sea of screams from our comrades. -Osris, Vetruvian Emissary.

Horn of the Forsaken- Lilithe's call to battle was like the soothing song of a mother to the souls of those lost in the aether.

Rite of the Undervault: The Undervault is the deepest section of the Abyssian headquarters. It's also the oldest. Even Lilithe has forgotten what's down there.-Noxus, Abyssian Reaper.

LunchboxninjaHigh CaliberoJan 20
I love this thread. ^^ Moar, moar!

Flameblood Warlock: Granted, they aren't exactly what you would call accurate, but they get the job done. - Zaac, Songhai Recruitment officer

Rasha's Curse: The last crumbling extremities of the old god, trapped in their death throes, scratched into the wall of the tomb an inscription none can understand, but also cannot forget.

Dark Seed: The enemy will die by their own hand/wanton desire for victory! -- Corus, Abyssian Wraithling "Morale" Officer

hylandpadLoremasterJan 20
I also think it would be pretty cool to have the generals interact or at least respond to the summoning of units on the board. These could be done through chat bubbles, which are pretty much only used for emojis. Doing ti with text eliminates the need for voice actors and kind of keeps the comic book/ graphic novel feel that Duelyst already has.

If I'm playing as Lyonar and my enemy summons a Songhai assassin unit, perhaps Argeon would say "You send Assassins to do your dirty work? Face me in combat Kaleos!" Kaleos may rebutt with something along the lines of "Any general who doesn't pursue all paths to victory, is a fool."

This could be done non-invasively, in much the same way that the opening taunts are done too - a semi-transparent strip across the top or bottom of the screen, with a portrait. Limit general comments to once every couple turns so the top/bottom of your screen isn't flooded with words. Keeping them only semi-regular makes it seem like more of an event than a regular occurrence.

No reason why general taunts shouldn't go here. I'll start with some.

The formula I'll use is:

to when

For example

Zirix to Argeon when Sunstone Templar is fielded:
"Your holy men should have stayed in their temples this day, Lord of Lions."
"It is you who should have kept to your desert palace - we come to return you to the sands."

SkaveJan 21
Funny thread

Bloodmon priestess : I feel sorry for your loss, Here comes a pet for your pain.

Black Solus : The lions were right about the mice, you alway's need some little one with you

Shadowdancer : When the song of battle roar, they will be the one dancing and laughting in the shadow.

Abyssal Juggernaut : Some of my minion are just messy, they never tidy up the place after cruching their toy. - Lilithe Blightchaser

Wraithling Swarm : My grand mother was a cat lover, but cat aren't cute enought - Lilithe Blightchaser

Grasp of agony : We can't let anyone die alone. We aren't monster. - Lilithe Blightchaser

Consuming rebirth : Flesh to ashes, Ashes to life.
Deathfire Crescendo : Every symphony need it's grand finale - Lilithe Blightchaser

Wraithling Fury : Have you ever meet a grumping Wraithling? It's hilarious. - Lilithe Blightchaser

Shadow reflection : Nothing is more terrefying than the darknest of your own soul.

DetheMJan 291
Love this thread guys, made me join the forum lightly_smiling:
So I wrote a bunch of them myself and I hope you like them! I'm not a native speaker so... If anyone likes one of the ideas but the wording's off, please feel free to set them straight!

Here we go:

Grasp of Agony: „I applaud your comradery (camaradery?), little soldier. You shall have a gift to share with your friends.“ -Lilith Blightchaser

Soulshatter Pact: „The joyful malice in their eyes sent chills down my spine. Then it disappeared in a moment and pure rage took its place.“ -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Deepfire Devourer: „A mindless glutton, really. Mouth and tentacles is all there is to it. But then, that's all I need it to be.“ -Lilith Blightchaser

Abyssal Crawler: „Slaying those critters gets so frustrating! They become neither less of an eyesore, nor less malevolent.“ -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Horn of the Forsaken: The horn sang with every swing of the sickle and gave life to the twisted figures painted in the poor man's blood.

Dark Transformation: Timen of the Kaido thought he knew every aspect of his inner self. Then the witch came and proved him wrong.

Shadowdancer: „It's an art. You need fine senses to find the rhythm in those choirs of agony.“ -Lilith Blightchaser


Noone understands the music I play quite as they do.“ -Lilith Blightchaser

Reaper of the Nine Moons: Among the cruelest of the abyssal spawn, they award your short victory over their shell by possessing the one closest to you.

Inner Focus: To rule the cosmos within you is to rule

Mistdragon Seal: There is no sensation like riding the mist, except maybe for the kill that most often follows.

Ghost lightning: „I only need to release it. The lightning knows the way.“ -Kaleos Xaan

Gorehorn: „The ground should shake beneath their feet and still, we never hear them coming.“ -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Four Winds Magi: Only prodigies may separate the black and white that is interwoven in every magic, like the four winds are interwoven in a storm.

Deathstrike Seal: The Masters of the Seals rightfully brag to be deadly with metal in any shape. Or wood. Or glass. Or a slice of Vanarian* bread.

/*(Dunno if that's the right word :P)

Mask of Shadows: Though it lies in the nature of a mask to conceal, the greatest merit of this one is to reveal even the slightest vulnerability in front of it.

Cyclone Mask: Technology, art, magic, spirituality. To the songhai, these are all the same.

Sabrespine Seal: „Ever seen a man dress like an Ox and act like a Cat? It ain't half as funny as it sounds.“ -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Juxtaposition: What battle formation, you ask? Is that the first time you face the Songhai, boy? -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Lantern Fox: Constructed to guide souls into the next world, they excel at their task.

Frosthorn Rhyno: „Very territorial. Especially when it takes a liking to other people's territory.“ -Bilgrin, Silverguard Veteran

Fenrir Warmaster: „I always wondered: Death in battle or endless battle in death; what is it they seek?“ -Kaleos Xaan

Jaxi: „We know they spy on us for their master. That is the price we must pay for their service.“ -Faie Bloodwing

Jax Truesight : „Some say power lies in numbers. Others claim information is power. I agree.“

Some of the quotes fom Bigrin could just as well come from Telkis I guess. The private should definitely be a thing lightly_smiling:

NeoharrymenMECHAZ0R MASTERMar 4
Here we go again!

Fountain of Youth: It was said that this mystical spring is powerful enough to restore any commander to full health. However, every time I use it, my minions take every last drop! - Zirix Starstrider

Scion's Third Wish: The wisdom of the Scions originally brought power to the masses, then concentrated power in a single individual. Now, its power is ephemeral, appearing and then disappearing in one violent burst.

Hamon Bladeseeker: "Perhaps if I keep throwing daggers at him, Kaleos Senpai will notice me >.<"
- Asuka Hamon, Kaleos Xaan's "friend"

Astral Crusader: You may call him crazy, but if you spend half as much time near singularities as he has, you too would disregard all statistical reasoning.

LunchboxninjaHigh Calibero1d DetheM
Yeet, It's back baby

Rite of the Undervault - "Within the darkest depths of the Abyss lie the most terrifying of secrets, ones that even Blightcaster balks at hearing." - Blackwraithe, Abyssian Advisor

Maw - Although it may not be menacing once one has time to recognize its rather disarming nature, its furious attack often denies its cute disposition.

Holy Immolation - Victory, at all costs.

Ritual Banishing - Death, at all costs.

Bloodtear Alchemist - He blends the curving path of a tear and the violent one of blood together into brutal harmony. All for a low cost.

Shadow Watcher - "My eyes are up here, bud." Lys, Lyonar Sentinel, in battle

Deathfire Crescendo - "Can you hear it, horde? All your beautiful little deaths, putting the finishing touches on my symphony!" Silth, Abyssian Orchestral Conductor

Daemonic Lure - A whispering promise will lead even the most honorable cleric to the side of bandits.

I'm baaaaaaack.

Elucidator - "Magmar Genomancy has yielded some terribly frightening results."

Egg Morph - "It was unlike anything I had ever felt before... I felt a warmth. I felt small. I felt... unborn."

Windrunner - "I never actually saw the Windrunner. I just felt a brisk, warm breeze, and my sword seemed somehow lighter."

Wings of Paradise - "In the midst of the battle, the red angel of justice soared overhead, dashing the ground with streaks of cobalt lightning."

Bonereaper - "The 'Bonereapers' as the commoners call them, are amongst the oldest races of Mythron. Once regal and proud, an experiment from the Great Blooming left them... skeletal and outcast."

Sunsteel Defender - "A proud kingdom once, Sunstar fell to the Lyonar Kingdoms. With Sunstar gone - their king beheaded, the Palace Guard turned to a life of sellswording. So the Sunstar Guard, became the Sunsteel Company."

Putrid Dreadflayer - "Dreadflayers are from somewhere in the Extraverse. Their very presence is unsettling - the way they just float. They... don't belong here."

Sunset Paragon - "It was a thing of unparalleled beauty. The battle halted momentarily as the beast strode through the battlefield with great majesty. Then it stopped... looked at me - stared into my soul. And I knew I had to; I drew my dagger and pierced my heart. And for my last fleeting moments - I was happy."

Bloodletter - "On this day, you shall watch your hero bleed."

Jaxi - Deadly suprise included!

Regalia - We were born without scales of our own, so we forged them from fire and sunsteel.

Holy Immolation - In the flames of justice you will find retribution.

Unstable Leviathan - May God have mercy on their souls because he sure won't.

Metamorphosis - Army of golems disappeared in a single moment.

Plasma Storm - "All that's weak must die" - Vaath

Keeper of the Vale - Life bloomed underneath its paws and decayed land became beautiful once again.

Adamantium claws - "Simple, yet incredibly effective" - Vaath

Mindsteal - "Some thoughts are too dangerous to have" - (that new Mag General)

Bounded Lifeforce - "My power is uncontainable" - Vaath

Astral Crusader - " I have traveled across the battlegrounds of the cosmos. I have seen centuries of conflict and loss. I have fought Gods and beasts born from light and darkness. I have watched worlds burn and stars fade. Taking your life won't weigh heavy on my soul."

Deathblighter - "People so often forget that the elemental plane is empathetic to our emotions and thoughts. Deathblighters are the accumulation of sorrow, anger, pain and loss made manifest. Emotions that powerful do not create weak spirits, young one."

Archon Spellbinder - "There's nothing under the hood; there's nothing in the robes. Spellbinders have long since left their bodies behind. They are little more than spirits, feeding off the latent energies that you and I leave in our wake."

Sun Elemental - "The sun crystal at the heart of the Solar Temple became blindingly radiant, filling the entire nave with light. The parishioners cried out, half in fear, half in exuberance as a figure of brilliance came into being atop the Altar."
I could be wrong though.
Killing edge- "No blade too small, nor will too meek..."

Keshrai Fanblade- "Broke it? My dear, your mind was already shattered; I merely tinkered with the pieces. Shame anybody would let such... sharp thoughts go to waste..."

Spiral Technique- "Just who the HELL do you think I am?!!!"
Saberspine Tiger - Saberspine, I choose you! Saberspine, go face! Saber-to-Spine!

Oh, right, nvm.

Chromatic Cold - You will warm up to using it.
These are fun! Can I join?

Kodomo Charger: ''I never understood the name until I saw a swarm of them charging at us''

Planar Scout: The best way to gather information is to drop your scouts behind enemy lines

Ghost Lynx: You only get to see glimpse of it before you find yourself lost

Rock Puliverizer: He chose the wrong rock to sat onto

Rust Crawler: ''Once one of these got into the armory. It is now a storage''

Piercing Mantis: If you mix it up with praying mantis, be ready to say your last prayers

Skyrock golem: Made from the floating rocks of (insert a place from the map)

Bloodshard Golem: ''Did you know that human body has exactly one bucket of blood in it? And that you can create a golem out of it? The man who tried to rob my laboratory didn't''

Crimson Oculus: ''I swear it is watching me''

Putrid Dreadlayer: ''I've seen enough to know where this is going'' / ''Imagine your worst nightmare. Now imagine it alive and spewing acid and you aren't even close to this abomination''

Void Hunter: ''He is either the most bravest or craziest man I've ever met. Or both. Probably both''

Just few that weren't mentioned that often or at all
I like this thread! thanks for giving an opportinuty to comment it! will give some information about your teeth and how to keep  them brilliant!

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