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Deck Starhorn Flash Deck
[Image: 43da555d06f9f2459f3198fef99ada59.png]

Alright, so here's my first post, and it's a homebrew deck. I really wanted to make use of the value gained through Starhorn's BBS, and this is the only deck i could think of that worked for him. Starhorn's BBS really shines in a deck like this, where one card can give you the reach you need for lethal damage.

The deck basically focuses around a very straightforward kind of gameplay, play things as fast as you can, then out-value your opponent with strong, high-impact plays.

There are a few combos, all involving Flash Reincarnation. These combos can seal the game really early and put your opponent in bad spots as early as turn 1. Once you get past the early game though, you've got ways to stay healthy and control the board, and put out constant threat that needs to be dealt with every turn. 

The one card that may not belong in the deck (especially with Spirit Harvester) is Chrysalis Burst, but it's a pet card of mine and I like it too much to stop using it. 

This deck is undefeated in Gold Division (I know I'm a pleb, I'm not even Diamond yet) and it frequently beats aggro decks with clutch plays. If you have any advice for replacements, I'd like to hear them and why you think those cards would be better. I've only been playing the game for a little over a month, so some people probably know better than I do.

[Image: 418_attack.gif]
I like this concept only thing i would change is also what you mentioned the crysalis burst i would probably minus one for another metamorphosis and then with spirit harvester you have two complete board clears. which with everyone running lots of low cost cards would maybe bring more value to the table. but +1 should work. And if you find yourself getting swarmed out minus two amplifications for blood tear alchemist for that early game ping + general attack control. even primus fists are good cards to trade up and control the game. just my two cents.
Working on a similar deck meself. Did you end up sticking with it?

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