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Poll: Are you happy with the prismatics as implemented?
Yes, they're fine.
No, they're just not interesting enough.
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Prismatics that are closer to original vision

One of the reasons I backed this game back on KS at the tier I did was because I very much liked the unique visuals of the higher tier cosmetic effects on the characters. Now I know stuff changes during development so this isn't an angry rant or anything. 

This is just a general suggestion that at the moment, Prismatics and I guess the upcoming Chromatics are all super underwhelming. A quick glance on the discussion thread at Reddit will confirm that overall the feel is one of negativity and at best, indifference. The foil effect works on physical cards because as the light shines off them, they LOOK worth the extra money. The foil effect on digital cards, to me, just don't have the same appeal. An added SFX to the unit that's a foily though, that's a different story. 

Now obviously I can't imagine the amount of development hours it would take to update every art asset to be able to include 2-3 different cosmetic iterations of it. But even if it's not quite like the original, I think some kind of on-the-table special effect (whether your opponent sees it or not) is what would make the unit feel rarer/more special.

What do you guys think?

I should have offered a strongly positive option and a neutral option in the poll. My bad, don't know how to edit the poll now.
If you feel strongly in either direction, post your comment I guess
I am happy - they're a good dust source

But yeah, I'm not wondering that those who care about having something special are not satisfied. As cosmetics they are supposed to have some kind of eye-catching, unique effects, otherwise they feel as boring as their regular equivalents.
I honestly don't notice any custom animations for prismatic cards when i cast them. But you actually made a good point: it IS another dust source! =D

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