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Question What are considered Vetruvian Staples and the such?
Yea I'm back, and with yet another deck building question, what're the current staples for Vetruvian, more specifically Zirix's staples, I already know that Fireblaze Obelysk (FBO) and Dune Caster are staples and Aymara Healer is an auto include in any Vet Deck, it just feels like I've missed a staple or two. Also I'ed like to know the staples for a Sajj deck if anyone feels inclined to chime in there, thanks in advance!
Right now Vetruvian is in a poor state. Staples - Aymara Healer for obvious reasons, Rasha's Curse is the best artifact removal in the game that can also work as a finisher, 1st Wish because it's the best card draw (unless your deck has very few minions), Hexblade is a very useful artifact, 2nd Wish provides great value when used at a right time, Dominate Will is great if you don't play against aggro and live until turn with 7 mana, Stars Fury does well against certain deck archetypes too, Fireblaze Obelysks were weakened but still are a priority to remove.

I wouldn't call Dunecasters staples - you're not very likely to have a Dervish alive nowadays. They still work in Dervish-heavy decks, but I don't see them on the ladder quite often since the BBS nerf.

The best Sajj deck atm is SaboSajj I'd say - as the name says focused on sabotaging the opponent with Hexblades, Blindscorches + Zen Ruis, etc.

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