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Replace - archived by Destroy666
every time, no EVERY time then i replace card, dis the very same card (even if i have just one copy in deck) i draw in the next turn. then i replace it again it comeback to my fokin hand in the next turn! its happens every fokin time, 9 of 10 with 99% posibility. i lost so many games games cuz of dat fokin replaceshit, omg jebus! and then im watching streams the very same shit happens with streamers
Please read the forum rules - constructiveness is welcome here much more than "fokin" every fifth word. Due to the lack of any reasonable argument I'm not sure what your idea/suggestion is - I think you simply misunderstand the aspect of RNG, which is a huge part of the replace mechanic. I partially understand your nerves so I'll give you some time to correct the thread, otherwise I'll have to archive it.

EDIT: archived as OP wished in PM.

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