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Shadowcreep nerfed to the ground?
Oh well. Now I've *definitely* got to learn to play a new race. 

I was just doing a quick game and I cast what I thought was Breath of the Unborn - because, 4 mana spell - and I had a WTF moment when it spawned shadowcreep. So, I used Daemonic Lure to drag an enemy minion onto it... and it only did 1 damage. 

1 damage shadowcreep is probably more balanced but it does gut all the bits I liked about Abyssian gameplay; using the space on the board defensively with shadowcreep and bloodmoon priestesses to keep the enemy away from my general.
Yes, now you need to use the legendary (not by coincidence) 8 mana spell called Obliterate or artifact called Ghost Azalea to be able to do anything, Juggernauts and Revenants are other damage sources. Or combo 3 Darkspines after a lucky Rite of the Undervault result, but noone runs that.
I dunno about nerfed to the ground, but I do miss the old style of shadow creep play. The only end game cards now are legendary, making it difficult to play shadow creep decks without expensive cards. Without them you can still win, but your win conditions are slowly wear them down while controlling the board, which isn't that strong...

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